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How To Read A Whole Book Through In A Day
- a 6 week Comprehensive Learning Program to Ignite Your Reading Habit

  • Do you have a long reading list of books that you haven't read yet?
  • Do you read a lot - but it takes three days - or more - to finish each book?
  • Do you feel the need - because of work or in life - to be constantly upgrading your skills or know-how?
  • Do you perhaps want to read a lot - but it takes time that you rather want to spend with your family?

If you can say a heartfelt - YES! - to any of these questions then this 6 week comprehensive learning program might be just the thing that you need. When my friends, students and coaching clients find out that I read 6-7 books each and every week - most of them are amazed. And most of them want to know how - and in this program I will take you step-by-step through the same process that I took to create the habit of reading a book through in a day. 


  • In this 6 week learning program I will explain why anyone that wants create the habit of reading a book through in a day - can do just that.
  • I will explain the 7 most common reading habits that are holding you back - and what you need to do to reverse their affect on you.
  • I will explain in detail 20 of the most common misconceptions regarding reading and how they might be affecting you today.
  • I will explain and take you through reading exercises that will allow you to evolve your reading skills and ignite a better reading habit in the first 21 days.
  • I will then move you onto advancing your reading skills in any reading material. Fiction, Non-fiction, Study Material, Reports or various work related reading material.
  • I will then explain in detail what you need to do to take your reading skills to the point of reading a book a day - within a year of starting the course. (I did it in 18 months but I did not have anyone teaching me how: I have helped many students reach this point within 3 months!)


Jon Bjarnason, the Learning Boss, is a 4th generation Entrepreneur from Iceland, a best selling author featured in Counter-Attack & the Next Big Thing – and founder of the Learning Boss Program where he has incorporated his knowledge and experience as an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Speed Reading Instructor, Productivity Boss, Guerrilla Marketing Coach and iMindMap Master Trainer in helping other Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Executives to achieve more success, freedom, time and focus in their daily life.