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Reading on a Kindle - the Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Reading Experience



Over the last 7 years I have been coaching many of my students on how they should read on the e-reader or Kindle. More than 90% of my students do not use their Kindle e-reader in the right way - and all of them are amazed at the difference after they know why they should change their e-reading habits.

  • In this short course I take you through a few generations of the Kindle e-reader. I will also look at the PC-version of Kindle as well as the Kindle App for the Android version on mobiles and tablets.
  • I will take you through the 7 Tips on How to read on a tablet, e-reader or mobile.
  • I will go into detail why I - a voracious reader of books - fell in love with reading on my Kindle e-reader and why more than 90% of my reading material today is read on my Kindle e-reader or the Kindle app on my tablet. I usually read 6-7 books each and every week - and I know (almost) every trick in the book regarding how you should be reading on a Kindle e-reader - and more importantly why you should change your e-reading habits.
  • I will then go through why I think that this is the greatest change of the reading environment and for your personal reading experience since Gutenberg printed his first bibles in his press. 


Jon Bjarnason, the Learning Boss, is a 4th generation Entrepreneur from Iceland, a best selling author featured in Counter-Attack & the Next Big Thing – and founder of the Learning Boss Program where he has incorporated his knowledge and experience as an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Speed Reading Instructor, Productivity Boss, Guerrilla Marketing Coach and iMindMap Master Trainer in helping other Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Executives to achieve more success, freedom, time and focus in their daily life.